Rules for abstracts

  1. Abstract should be submitted in Word for Windows, using Times New Roman font, size 11.
  2. The space for submission of abstracts should start with the title in the lower case, except for the first letter of the first word; the use of abbreviations in the title should be avoided.
  3. The list names of authors and co-authors using the first name initial and the surname should start in a new line. The first author will be presenting the paper.
  4. The name of affiliated institution, i.e. site at which the paper was prepared should follow after the names.
  5. Starting with a new line, the abstract text should be entered structured into 4 parts: Background and Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusion. Tables and figures may be used but integrated in the text. References should not be included in the text.
  6. The abstract should not exceed 350 words, plus the title, name of authors and institutions.
  7. In the space below the text write the full name (first name and surname) of the author and his/her e-mail address which will be used for notification of acceptance of the paper.

    Deadline for submission of papers was 10 October 2018.
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